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About Us

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A leading, multi-disciplinary consultancy firm focused on BCA and Access

Experts in our field, dedicated to ensuring compliance where it matters. Ai Consultancy adopts a rigorous business management system that aims to firmly identify client requirements and expectations and ensure each project step is planned, controlled, coordinated and monitored to ensure we meet client requirements and expectations.

Our Story

Ai Consultancy was founded by experienced, problem-solving, and collaborative business partners. Ai Consultancy is a multi-disciplinary firm created to offer an innovative, dynamic and nimble response to the ever-changing and intricate legislative & built-environment landscape.

Our Mission

We aim to simplify the compliance framework and provide innovative performance solutions not only to reduce costs but also to enhance design options, incorporate new technologies and to allow flexibility. Interpreting and applying legislation is a highly technical skill and our team at Ai Consultancy will intimately work with you to ensure your designs and proposals comply every step of the way.

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